Go classic


This add-on for Mozilla Firefox brings back small GUI changes that were present in browsers in the past.

The first preferences group is URL-bar. There, you can modify Go-button, including its image - default like in Firefox 1; theme (depends on your theme); inside at the left; none; no changes - leaves the Go button where it was, usually at the right inside of URL-bar; or even custom Go button image URL. Go button label is always outside of the URL-bar and can be set to either custom or none. With URL-bar, you can choose to show or to hide label before URL-bar, to show or to hide feed button, to show or to hide star button, and whether to have a rich autocomplete popup, which is called "awesome bar", or to have "poor" autocomplete popup, which is called "old bar".

In the Toolbar buttons section, you can customize Back and Forward menu-list buttons - there can be none, one, two of them, or two with "button + dropmarker" border grouping. This extension also adds several previous-century buttons in the "customize toolbar" window, they are "Open File...", "Save Page As...", "Print Preview", "Find on this page...", "Help Contents", "News", "Email", "Hide images", "Bookmark this page", "Subscribe to this page...". The style of images of additional toolbar buttons can be set to one of the following: NCSA Mosaic, Firefox 1.0, Windows Classic, OpenOffice Classic, Windows Vista, Open Office Galaxy, simple. The "News" and "EMail" buttons simply take you to web-sites of your choice, which can be set in the options window too.

In the Other section, you can choose the position of close buttons on tabs: on the active tab only, on all tabs (default), no close buttons, or a single close button at the end of the tab strip (Firefox 1.x behavior). Other preferences also include whether to show or to hide new tab button (Firefox 3.5 and up), whether to insert related tab after current (Firefox 3.6 and up), whether to show "Get Add-ons" pane in the add-ons dialog (restart it). You can also bring back the Properties menu, which was in Firefox for long but had been removed in Firefox 3.6.

Preferences apply instantly, as soon as you type another value in or alick into another radio.

The package coming soon (this week).

The goclassic project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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